Without a doubt, miracles are happening. Simultaneously, Slaviansk and other neighboring villages such as Tatyanovka and Raygorodok celebrate 'Birthday' on the same date.

Tatyanovka is known to me from my childhood. Its inhabitants were always warm and hospitable. Holidays are considered to be quite cozy and homely with its an extraordinary flavor and unique atmosphere.

Today it is the flavor of an insanely delicious loaf with the aroma of a kulesh cooked in a camp kitchen.

I was pleasantly surprised that in such tiny village there are so many children. I claim that children' playground is going to be a wonderful place for children for children's games and entertainment.

Additionally, local bakery justifies its name. People there have their traditions, for instance, they play and rest as friendly as they work. I would say that those people know how to keep this quite important life balance. On the celebration, despite the early darkness, beautiful local ladies could see me as a worthy partner for dancing.