Recently, the 'Donbass' Civic Union and the State Fund for Youth Housing Support have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on Mutual Actions aimed at the implementation of state housing programs to provide housing for ATO participants and internally displaced persons.

The construction of affordable housing and the provision of concessional long-term loans for settlers and ATO participants will enable them to provide more than 5 thousand citizens with their own housing. 

I understand that this does not cope with the situation and solve people's concerns to the extend that they had hoped. However, in order to improve the situation you have to take every possible opportunity. Thanks to the cooperation of the State Mortgage Committee with the state and local authorities, the majority of regional councils are ready to provide financing for construction loans at the expense of their regional or city budgets.

 In 2017, local budgets allocate an additional UAH 157.4 million. Additionally, the Government has promised that it will increase the authorized capital of the State Fund by UAH 28 million. We rely heavily on the adoption of the 6515 bill.

While involving the public in using these funds we will make a very important step towards the resumption of the rights of displaced persons and the revival of the Donbass.