This story began five days ago during the celebration of the Sloviansk city. At the booth ‘The City of Children’s dreams’ I met a little girl who had impressed me with an unbelievable sensitivity and carrying for her beloved ones.

Now, this booth stands in my public reception in Sloviansk. It consists of a significant amount of symbolic paper palms in which children from Donbass had written their most cherished desires. Among them, there are numerous amount of naïve and touching wishes, but even the majority of them could not be named as childish. These dreams are known to be about peace, mutual understanding, and kindness.

Eight-year-olds Angelina made a wish about the wheelchair. Without a doubt, she has her cherished dream. She dreams about a cute little puppy. However, this dream could not come true due to the serious family problem. On September 14th her grandfather who has amputated the leg, was discharged from the hospital. Therefore, the wheelchair was needed urgently, but they did not have enough money to purchase.

Angelina wanted to help her grandfather. And today her dream has come true. I tried to get acquainted with her relatives and tell them several thankful words about their daughter.

Unfortunately, this Armenian family has quite tricky and challenging fate. In 1991 they escaped from the war in Karabakh and 2014 the family has faced with the same problem in Sloviansk. After the first firing Arsen Smtatovich suffered a stroke. During recent years he could quickly get sick and was forced to take treatment in Kyiv. Despite the majority of challenges, he is not going to give up and believes only in a bright and better future. I still remember his words which had impressed me the most: ‘We are close friends with Ukraine!’. It is quite vital to hear such words as often as possible.

By Arsen’s request, Oleksandr Mazurchak and I give sincere gratitude to all the people who had treated him. We would like to provide appreciation to the head of the surgical department Sergey Alexandrovich Kusko, to the talented doctors Oleh Okovoy and Alexander Ktyukov, as well as to the whole medical staff.

To the memory of this beautiful meeting, Angelina presented to me an exclusive souvenir. Angelina told me that this elephant is considered to be a symbol of wisdom and happiness. The happiness which we are waiting for. Intelligence which sometimes we are lacking.

P.S. I know for sure that in the nearest future another Angelina’s dream will come true. There could not be another way.