Nedava Oleh Anatoliiovych who was born in Makiivka, Ukraine (October 26, 1969) is a Ukrainian citizen. He has been living in Ukraine since his birthday, including during the last 24 years of the proclamation of Independence of Ukraine.

Higher Education:

1986-1991- Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade, specialization: trade organization and commodity science.

2004-2006- Donetsk National University, specialization: law.

2011-2013- Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, specialization: business economics.

2011-2013- State Environmental Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management, specialization: ecology and environmental protection.


1990-1992- forwarder, chief of the district, ORS VO "Ordzhonikidze coal," Donetsk region.

1992-1992- deputy director, Small Business Insurance 'Yenakiieve-ASCO' Donetsk region.

1992-1998- director, Yenakiieve's representative office of the Latvian's representative office of the Holding Company 'Baltia', Donetsk region.

1998-1999- service in the Army (strategic missile forces).

1999-2003- сhairman of the Board, Deputy Director for Foreign Economic Relations, Deputy Director for Marketing and Foreign Economic Relations, Deputy Director for Economic Affairs, ZAO "Yenakiievo Koksokhimprom," Yenakiievo, Donetsk region.

2003-2007- director of ZAO Central Enrichment Factory "Uglegorskaya," Uglegorsk, Donetsk region.

2007-2012 - director for Foreign Economic Affairs, United Freight Transport Company, Yenakiievo, Donetsk Region.

2012-2014 -director for Foreign Economic Affairs, LLC Karpatybudinvest.

Social activity:

2006 - 2010- deputy of the Yenakiievo city council of the V convocation.

From 2014- chairman of the Board of Trustees of the public union "Program for the promotion of the revival and integration of the Eastern Ukraine" (Donbass).

2013-2015- co-chairman of the National Forum "Waste Management in Ukraine: Legislation, Economics, Technology."

2014-2015- the member of the Coordinating Council of the UNDP / GEF project "Integration of the provisions of the Rio Convention into the national policy of Ukraine."

2015- coordinator of the environmental legislative initiatives of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League.

2015- the member of the initiative group on the formation of the National Platform "Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine."

He is married. Wife - Nedeva (Zaitseva) Irina Gennadievna, 1969, daughters - Anastasia (born in 1990) and Daria (born in 2001).

He does not have any convictions.

October 26, 2014, in the early elections of people's deputies of Ukraine, was elected as a People's deputy of Ukraine. Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy, Nature Management and Elimination of Consequences of the Chernobyl Catastrophe.